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Walking the Shamanic Path:

The Beginning Steps


June 8th, 15th and 22nd, 2019

Saturdays    10am-4pm

Private Residence

Henderson, NV


RSVP with $50 Deposit

Address will be given after Deposit.

$100 if you are repeating this workshop

Dependent on space available.

Limited to 10 participants


This is an experiential workshop with live drumming and other percussive instruments. 

It will include learning to Journey for yourself and also how to journey for your friends,

family and community. Please plan to attend all 3 days. The energy of the circle is an amazing supportive experience for all and each member's energy is important to the whole. 

Learn the Shaman's basic tool of Shamanic Journey.

Experience non-ordinary reality. Open the doors to your own Shamanic Path through ceremony. 

Explore 3 worlds of the Shaman, the hidden realms 

known mostly to humankind through myth and dream.

Meet your power animal spirit and guiding teacher

Begin a relationship with these supportive beings for problem solving for yourself.

As a bonus… You will be introduced to the Nordic Practices of Seidr.  

Laini is the only Shamanic Teacher in Nevada that teaches these practices.

Learn how to Journey for your family, friends and community.

Continue to deepen you experience with your spirit guides and teachers. 

Experience different ways to journey that resonate with your spirit.


Payment options are cash, debit or credit and Paypal ( paypal.me/LRisto ) 


For more info or to RSVP

Email info@shamanicsong.com 

Call/Text 702-308-8464

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We do not share this list with anyone. 

Shamanism has evolved with the people from thousands of years ago to the present day. Open the door to this profound ancient healing work. Connect with a community that honors and interconnects with the web of life in conjunction with the divine source.


Be a part of this sacred circle and travel to Nature and the World Tree for direct answers from your guiding animal spirits and teachers.  Experience a 10-minute drum circle, followed by journeys to connect with your guiding spirits using drumming and other percussion. 

Shamanic Healing Circles

Experience a drumming circle and the use of sound to access healing energy for your well being. Learn to journey to your loving animal spirits and teachers for wisdom and learning. Connect with a community that honors Mother Earth and nature through ancient profound meditations. Bring yourself, your curiosity, questions, a staff, drum, or rattle (we have extra's!!), few chairs are available for those who cannot sit on the floor, call to reserve one.


                  Beginners are welcome!!!




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