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Shamanic practices and rituals were the main sources of spiritual healing around the world for tens of thousands of years in all ancient cultures.​


These are still available today for use in your everyday life and support any other medical, psychological or healing modalities. 


The Shamanic Journey is the main tool used by all Shamans to interact with the transcendent guiding spirits for wisdom.  Sometimes they are used in combination.



We arrive in this reality as a wonderful being with qualities and gifts to share for the betterment of ourselves and others.  With our first breath, we begin interacting with life and begin making decisions about what we can and can't do.


We begin to forget who we really are and what we really want.  In this ritual, the Shaman journeys back to the moment before the client is born and experience the radiance of this emerging spirit before it enters the earth reality. A perception is brought back and given to the client to connect and remind them of their true self. 




These are rituals that are performed to do a "spring cleaning" on a client's energetic body. It is to rid a person of any unwanted energy that is "stuck" to them. This energy can't be used because it's not theirs.  We can attract this energy if our own radiance is low due to illness, injury or exhaustion.  In this healing session, the unusable energy is removed and sent to healing guiding spirits who will send it back to where it belongs when it's time.




From the moment humans believed in a reality beyond this one, there has been a fascination in wandering spirits. Shamans have also been there to help these wanderers find their path to the "light". Sometimes they are confused or emotionally tied to their loved ones. They can be found attached to people or places where they can remember their earthly lives.


For thousands of years, Shamanic rituals have helped these confused spirits take their next steps so they can move forward in their spiritual growth.  The client in this reality can also move forward and feel unburdened.




Seidr (or Seithe) is an ancient form of shamanism and mysticism that was practiced by people in Norse, British, Saami and Northern European traditions. The true mystical core of Seidr is inseparable from nature. It was a practice that incorporated singing, staff-work and ecstatic trance.  It was used by solo practitioners for journeying, as well as practiced in community events called High Seat Ceremonies, for a wide variety of purposes. Seidr offers practitioners skillful and immediate ways of accessing and dealing with mystical and practical power which has its origins in the wildness of nature. Seidr offers practitioners an immediate way to connect and

work with this power, known in the Norse tradition as “Ergi”.


Divination, oracular question and answers on behalf of communities, weather-working, shape-shifting and healing are but a few of the reasons that Seidr was practiced. It is one of the oldest forms of Shamanism. It is growing in popularity due to its ancient core in nature and northern european heritage.



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